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Pixelar mobile application launch 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the application launch?

We are working hard to launch in the Spring of 2023 so we can make our app available for the majority of the 2023 growing season. We will keep interested users updated on our progress. 

Can I change my plan before launch?

You can change your plan or cancel altogether any time between now and our launch date. We will not be collecting any payments until we open up for our Early Bird Beta user group. 

Why is your satellite detection unique?

We are producing a simple field stress notification from satellite data processing (NDVI) and will deliver snap-shot views of these notifications on the map and in a news feed for quick review. 

How will I communicate with other users?

Our Basic plan will allow you to communication with other members of a team you set up in your organization profile. We also will allow for contacting other users of the application based on username.

What are “high-resolutions” notifications?

We will be working with satellite data providers to acquire high-resolution imagery (3 meter or better) to allow us to deliver sub-field and even row-level indications of crop stress or damage. 

How does Drone Scout tasking work?

Our application will connect to web platforms that host thousands of FAA licensed drone pilots across the United States and let you submit specific areas for those pilots to collect very details imagery for you.