Use Augmented Reality to keep track of all your worksite issues, tasks and photos.

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View a Map of Your Worksite Tasks & Content

When you tag each of the issues at your worksite, they are registered on a map and you are able to add photos and notes or comments to them for progress tracking.

View Your Worksite Tasks in Augmented Reality

Each location that you tag can be viewed using your phone or tablet in augmented reality (AR), helping your team track down each and every task and provide organized updates on status.

Organize & Discuss Your Worksite Content

Each tagged location or object gives you the ability to attach photos and discuss the item with your project team or your clients.

Manage Your Worksite Locations

Each of your work locations is stored for easy tracking and helps you organize your content and discussions about those work sites. Easily share worksite project content with a web link.

Use AR for Smart Farming

The application will put insights and decision-ready information from your imagery remote sensing and field collection in your hand.
AR will give you the ability to interact with crop health detection data in an efficient way that works for you when you’re out in the field.

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