Ask Pixie

Get your farming questions answered, fast.

Pixie uses the power of AI to deliver answers to your agriculture questions.  

Ask Pixie app screen

Ask Pixie the AI Chat Assistant

Pixie is our company mascot, modeled from the American Bluebird. We are building Ask Pixie to bring the power of AI to the hands of the every-day farmer.

Pixie uses the OpenAI ChatGPT service, trained specifically on volumes of agricultural information, to deliver answers an ever-growing variety of questions.

While our Pixie AI will be integrated into our main crop monitoring and scouting application, we also wanted to offer it as a stand alone service for those who want to benefit from the transformational power of ChatGPT but in a way specifically tailored to farming.

Join us in bringing this capability to farmers and get ready to Ask Pixie your most far out agricultural questions!