Catching crop health issues early can save tremendous value for your farming business. The expansion of commercial drone technology and availability of commercial satellite imagery can be a game-changer for farmers.

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A recent article from the Crop Science Society of America explored how aerial imagery is helping monitor damage from weather events and ensuring that farmers can save time identifying and tackling potential issues. The author, Eric Hamilton, writes that the information gathered from drones “could help farmers spray pesticide only at the time and place it’s needed.”

There is significant power in the data collected by hyperspectral imaging sensors. Their value for the agriculture industry was explained well a few years ago in an article on titled The Growing Impact of Hyperspectral Imagery in AgriFood Tech.

Learning to operate the software tools and drone hardware in order to obtain the data you need from commercial satellite or aerial imagery can be a challenge. One place to start is a course by Geo Universtity called Learn Hyperspectral Remote Sensing from the Scratch which will explain the primary concepts, tools and methods of imaging spectroscopy.

Multispectral imagery example from Geo University

If you would like to explore the potential imagery offers for your agriculture business, we can help. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with acquiring the imagery or geospatial data you need to implement a smart imagery approach to crop monitoring.