Virtual reality is helping to revolutionize the real estate market. Devices like Matterport’s 3D cameras are enabling realtors and property owners to improve the attractiveness of their listings and reach a younger, more tech-savvy generation. Take a look at the interactive sample tour of a property listing and consider how many more views, virtual and in person, properties will earn when prospective home buyers can browse to get a better feel for the layout, flow and ambient light of the space.



Touring a property virtually not only has value for real estate agents; it also has value for developers. The impact on the ability of construction companies to monitor the status of development is obvious when you look at how easy it is to browse this Seattle home midway through construction. Major construction efforts are often managed centrally and the ability to have a VR camera team capture status in an immersive way can greatly improve awareness and timely decision making if situations call for it.



VR isn’t only revolutionizing the sale of real estate, it’s also adding a whole new dimension to luxury travel and sales. There’s nothing like being able to virtually tour a yacht that is for sale, or even one that is being chartered for an event. High-end properties and vehicles have so much more to display than plain old imagery can convey. Like you expect with a luxury destination, the relationship between the inside and the environment around a yacht, from the light to the accessibility of the water are key features that you absolutely have to experience. Reaching remote buyers requires a virtual reality aspect of an effective marketing approach.


If you’re considering starting a 3D capture business or adding 3D imagery and video capture to your business service offerings, we recommend that you look at the systems and applications that Matterport has to offer and Join Us as a VR provider so you can be found by a whole new segment of customers who are eager to differentiate their online marketing and their remote construction management from their peers across multiple industries and market segments.