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Pixels + AR = PixelAR

We are working on the intersection between pixels and augmented reality (AR) to improve the ability to access, organize and visualize the information you need when and where you need it.

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We are busy at work creating an amazing application that will put the power of pixels and augmented reality combined into the palm of your hand. The first 25 users will get a free pro account for a year!

Capture & Label Photos

Take photos and tag them to any location, any flat surface or an object for you or others to discover via augmented reality.

Create AR Location Markers

Tag objects or surfaces with your own augmented reality “pins” for others to find. Share them via a custom link.

Post & Reply to Comments

Leave comments or notes for others to read or let them make comments on the AR pins or photos you have created.

Pixels for Augmented Worksites

The Pixelar mobile application will give you the power to capture photos and attach them to locations, objects or surfaces using augmented reality (AR) and share them with anyone, from friends to service contractors, using an app-generated link.

Having access to all of your worksite photos, organized by location or project, can be a significant time saver while improving your ability to capture and share progress with your clients and your team.

pixelar worksite AR

Location-based Site Photos for Smarter Roofing

The Pixelar web can improve your ability to capture images of all potential issues to be shared with your clients and with your team, ensuring no task goes unresolved.

Decrease your digital clutter and improve your customer satisfaction with job-site image augmentation.

Smart Farming & Precision Agriculture

Smart Farming is another area where pixel-derived data is becoming increasingly vital to efficiency and data-driven decision making. Whether the imagery data you use comes from aerial or satellite remote sensing or captured in the field with hand-held devices, the insights you need will be derived from geospatially referenced pixels.


From Pixels to AR for Smart Farming

The Pixelar web and mobile application will put insights and decision-ready information in your hand in the field where you need it most.

Interact with crop health detection data in an efficient way that works for you when you’re at work on in the field.

Pixelar for Farming AR
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