Proudly serving the Hampton Roads and broader Eastern Virginia region

Aerial Photos & Video

We can capture views from above your property to showcase location or features to enhance your marketing visuals or to help you capture and document development worksite progress.

Rates starting at:

  • $80 – Basic site visit and up to 5 overview photos
  • $125 – 4 overview shots + 12 feature highlight photos
  • $250 – 4 overview shots + 12 photos + 2 fly through videos


  • $10 ea. additional photo / $25 each additional video
  • Photo & video editing and styling is negotiable

Virtual Reality Tour Capture

We can also use the latest equipment to capture a property in virtual reality so your clients can tour a new home remotely or a worksite so your management team can explore progress and identify potential issues from the comfort of their office.

Rates starting at $350 per property of average size (4br/2ba), may change based on complexity of layout and extent of touring options requested.

Explore the Matterport VR property tour example in a new browser tab: Texas Home VR Tour Example

Aerial Imagery Roof Report

High quality imagery of your roof can help you spot potential issues early and make a discussion with a professional roofer more detailed and informative. We can take aerial photos and provide you with a “Roof Report” documenting areas worth a closer look and something your roofer can reference to ensure all your concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.

Basic Roof Report, pre- or post- roofing work completion starting at $150 for single report, $225 to bundle a pre- and post-work report with identifiable fixes/changes noted.

* If desired, we can partner with a certified roofer to support project documentation from start to finish.

3D Site Models

Aerial imagery can also be used to construct 3-dimensional models of a property, construction worksite or just about any other outdoor location.

Photo collection and photogrammetry image processing is intensive work and varies greatly based on site complexity and size. Price is wide ranging and depends on what you need to achieve and the level of pre- and post-capture work required. We offer free consultations to develop an initial estimate.


Tell us a little about your project needs and what you’re vision is for imagery or video support and we will contact you to come up with an estimate and a plan.